FAQ About Mediation

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Here Are Some Common Questions and Answers About My Mediation Services


Do you  provide  divorce  mediation  services?

No, I  do  not  mediate  divorce  matters.  My  expertise  is in facilitating individuals,  families, colleagues,  and friends to  maintain,  repair,  or  rebuild relationships  and to  resolve  disputes that do  not  involve  asset  division.


Do you mediate  co-parenting  issues?

I  mediate  specific  co-parenting  conflicts,  including  decision-making regarding “major  matters” such as health,  education,  religion,  and relocation as well as  the  development  or  revision of Parenting Plans.


If the  other  party  and I  reach  an  agreement,  will  you  put it in  writing?

Yes,  if  the  parties to  a mediation  reach agreement,  I  will prepare  a document  memorializing the agreement.  In a legal matter,  I  will draft  a settlement  agreement,  or  if  the  parties prefer,  a Memorandum of  Understanding  which  they  can take  to  their  attorneys for  review  before  signing a final settlement  agreement. In  a  non-legal matter where  parties are  addressing interpersonal conflict,  I  will prepare—if  desired—a Memorandum  of  Understanding.


You  have  a  two-hour  minimum  requirement  for  mediations.  Will you schedule  mediations  for longer  than two  hours? 

Yes,  if  attorneys are  involved in a mediation,  I  will schedule  mediations for  up to  four  hours. Generally,  however,  two  hours  is  enough  time  for  most  parties to  address  an  issue  or  issues  and not  so  much  time  that  parties  become  fatigued  and  ineffectual.  My  preference  is to  schedule  a follow-up mediation if  the  parties need more  time  to  resolve  conflict.


May I  set up a  time  to  meet with you  without the  opposing  party  being  present? 

It  depends.  I  am  happy  to  meet  in consultation,  to  help you decide  whether  mediation is the  best path forward  or  whether  another  approach might  better  serve  your  needs.  I  also  am  willing to meet  individually  with a party  to  an ongoing mediation with  full transparency  and equal opportunity  to  the  other  party.  I  am  not  willing to  meet  with  either  party  alone  to  discuss the merits of  an  issue  prior  to  both parties signing my  Agreement  to  Mediate.


May I  bring  a  support person with me  to  the  mediation?

 You  may  bring a non-party  (friend,  spouse,  partner)  to  the  mediation  only  with the  agreement  of the  other  party. You  may  bring  anyone,  however,  to  rely  upon  for  support  or  consultation  during breaks  in — or  private  caucuses  as part  of — the  mediation process.