Susan Gorey

Psychotherapy and Conflict Resolution


Susan Gorey provides psychotherapy services for adults, both individually and as couples. She also assists individuals engaged in interpersonal conflict—often but not always involving legal issues—through mediation, parent coordination, and divorce coaching services.

Taking the leap to open up to another person — about who you are, what you believe, what you value, what you want, and what gets in the way—takes courage. Our goal in the therapeutic process must be for people to see themselves alone and in relationship with new perspective and understanding — and to decide whether they want to accept or to change the way they live, or how they’re relating, thinking, feeling, or acting. My role, as a psychotherapist, is to facilitate both this decision process and the desired change.



Trusting the process is critical. It helps to trust the mediator as well. As a mediator for over 25 years, I am skilled at facilitating conversations, assisting parties to address legal and other disputes, to make proposals and to reach decisions that are uniquely tailored to their needs in a structured setting.

Parent Coordination

Parenting is stressful when parents get along. It’s even harder when parents are divorced and experiencing chronic conflict that interferes with positive and effective parenting practices. As a Parent Coordinator, I work under court orders to help divorced parents resolve issues and learn how to protect their children from the harmful effects of parental conflict.

Divorce Coaching

As a divorce coach, I work with either party or both parties to a divorce to assist in the emotional process of separating and disentangling lives and assets in either an adversarial or collaborative divorce process.


Sometimes, it’s hard to know what form of professional assistance will be most helpful: Should I seek individual or couples psychotherapy? Which is more appropriate, couples therapy or mediation? Will I be better served by a collaborative, adversarial, or mediated divorce? (And, should I seek legal counsel?) Will a well-drafted parenting plan prevent conflict or do we need parent coordination services? A consultation will provide you with a clear understanding of the differences between these services and help you to decide which one best meets your needs.