Unwinding Anxiety

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I’ve enjoyed the insights by  Jud Brewer MD PhD – about a habit that changes us *

Especially during the pandemic,   it seems we’ve become a culture more steeped in anxiety. These times are scary for some, causing a disorienting change in our routines that cause a cycle of worry or panic for some, a relief for others isolating  at home with their dog. I particularly have enjoyed  the book Unwinding Anxiety by Dr. Jud Brewer, MD, PhD who says;

“Negative emotions like fear or anxiety can trigger somebody to worry, and that mental behavior gets stuck in these anxiety habit loops.”

It’s the rewards we look at in therapy to understand how anxiety arises in each of us and what it gives us. We can then set a goal of changing our habits or views to reduce burnout, gain more peaceful sleep, work, relationships and ultimately, more joy.

*Sources “The Brown Daily Herald” and Unwinding anxiety, Jud Brewer MD PhD – a habit that changes us *